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  • The Flowserve Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q was developed using the original Nordstrom Hypregun design and modifications as suggested by many Hypregun owners. This design continues to meet field and plant maintenance needs of valve users.

    The Flowserve Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus 5Q is ideal for large-scale valve servicing in refineries, compressor stations, gasoline plants, pipelines and manifold installations.


    • Compact and Efficient Design, Shipping Weight is 63-lbs.
    • Air Operated Sealant Injection of 10,000 PSI Capacity
    • Versatile Design for Servicing Small or Large Valves
    • Motor Operates at 100:1 Pressure on 100 to 125 psi (7-8.6 bar) Air, Motor Uses A Maximum of 11.4 cubic feet of air per minute when operated at 125 PSI (8.6 bar)
    • Ten Foot Hose is Easily Extended Into Tight Space
    • Both the five-quart and five-gallon (4.7 and 18.9 liter) Hypreguns work for all size valves.
    • Ideal for Refineries, Compressor Stations, Pipelines and Manifold; ideal for large scale valve servicing in refineries, compressor stations, gasoline plants, cycling plants, pipelines, and manifold installations. Versatile design for servicing small or large valves
    • Compact, highly efficient, air operated sealant injection devices with a 100:1 pressure ratio and double acting piston.
    • Continued positive pressure applied to the side cylinders assures intimate contact between the follower plate and sealant makes it possible to pump sealant at much lower temperatures.
    • The follower plate is engineered to promote flow of sealant to the foot valve at all workable air pressures but air pressure between 100 and 125 psi (6.9 to 8.6 bar) provide the most efficient operation. The air motor is rated to 125 psi (8.6 bar) and the Hypreguns should NOT be operated with pressures exceeding this rating.
    • The air motor uses a maximum of 11.4 cubic feet of air per minute when operated at 125 psi (8.6 bar) with zero load. Reduced air pressure and increased load reduce air consumption although not linearly.
    • Moisture traps (not supplied with the guns) can be used to prevent moisture from reaching the air motor which can condense and freeze causing the air motor to stall.
    • Sealant cans have been materially strengthened with welded seams and are standard for all Nordstrom bulk sealants.
    • The can shield supplied with each gun gives added strength to the can and should be used at all times.
    • The sealant cans and can shields have been developed specifically for use with Nordstrom Hypregun-Plus devices and it is not recommended using containers of sealants developed by other manufacturers.
    • The Hypregun-Plus 5Q uses 5 quart (4.7 litre) sealant cans. The Hypregun-Plus 5G uses 5 gallon (8.9 litre) sealant cans. Both guns work well for all size valves.
    • Refer to NVENIM003 for Hypregun 5Q and NVENIM004 for Hypregun Plus 5G for further Assembly, Operation and Maintenance Instructions.